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We hope that we have covered all of your questions and concerns.  We are here if you have further questions or concerns to 

Experience Options


A truly magical experience.  Camping party in your own backyard.

Evening for Two

It doesn't get more romantic than this. When you want the most romantic evening possible, under the stars.


Boutique events with a WOW factor. Only limited by the imagination and budget of course.

What you need to know

When is the best time for your glamping bell tent experience?

  Our current season for bell tents, runs from September to mid-May. These times can vary with the addition of air conditioning units.  The Tiny Tent Slumber Parties are available year round.

Time of  day set-up

-Depending on weather and time of the year, your experience will be available on the afternoon of the reservation date.  In most instances, you will be able to take possession of the tent by 3:00PM.  This will be determined prior to set up day.  We are always be willing to accommodate a reasonably requested set up time. 

What is included with your outdoor experience?

-Depending on the experience you have chosen, the outdoor bell tents are appointed with specific design elements that bring the experience from primitive to luxury.  Whatever that may be, you will have everything you need for a night of romance or an evening with 15 of your closest friends.  Optionally, please let us know if you require any necessities or general request and we will do everything we can to ensure your needs are met. Our goal is to make your tent event, filled with luxury and comfort including all of the amenities we can fit into a tent.

-Your overnight glamping experience includes but not limited to:

A very comfortable queen size bed with fresh linens to fit the overall design to compliment the theme of your get together.  Pillows and throws to add to the aesthetic and comfort of your stay.  Tent floor covered with rugs, along with plenty of surfaces for beverages and food or to hold your belongings.

Light!!! There are candles, lanterns and fairy lights, all individually battery operated. This keeps the tent safe from a fire hazard and you can control the amount of light you want.

Please remember unless you have a custom tent designed especially for you, these furnishings are based on availability.  Regardless, you will not be disappointed in the care, that was taken to design and furnish your special evening. Also, we do not have interior add ons.  We hope that we have thought of everything and do not charge extra for these accommodations or necessities. We do, however; offer outdoor design with balloons, flowers, tables and seating.

The Luxe Lounge Experience includes:

-Multiple places to lounge and have a drink with friends or milk with the family.  Seated areas, tables and of course plenty of mood lighting.  

All tents and its' contents have been sanitized between usage, to ensure your safety and all linens have been professionally laundered.

Glamping Experience includes:

You will find a proper queen sized bed and all the furnishings.  Ambient lighting, plenty of seating, lanterns, a bar cart stock with water and wine.  Tailored accents for a complete glamping experience.​

When will my tent be dropped off and picked up?

-Your tent will be set up by 3:00PM (unless prior arrangements have been made) and will be broken down and the area cleaned the following day. Exact time to be determined. These times can vary depending on the number of days or extended times that have been requested and agreed upon.​

What is required in order to have a tent set up in my backyard?

-The most important thing is a space with a 20 ft circumference and soft ground.  Whether that is grass or artificial turf, it is necessary, so that the stakes can be driven into the ground for the stability of the tent.  We CANNOT erect the tent on a hard surface unless a surcharge of $300.00 is agreed upon.

Things To Keep In Mind:

-All of our inventory has been sanitized and dry cleaned before each event.

-Detailed set up requires approx. 4 hours   

Tiny Tents - Set up times will vary depending on your needs.

​We come to you to set up and style the slumber party tents as agreed upon prior to the event and return the following day(s)to collect the tents and accessories. 

Tiny Tent 


-Set up will take approximately 1-2 hours.

-The sleepover area will need to be clear of furniture and ready for set
up when we arrive. We do not move furniture or clear spaces.

-The set up area required is roughly 3ft x 5ft per tent. 

-We will need a photo of the area prior to set up. 

-Please do not allow any food or drinks in the set up. Any damage,
stains or missing items will result in a deduction from the security
deposit and/or an additional replacement fee.  

-In order to keep our tents/linens free of smoke and safe for all kids, we are unable to
book parties in homes with smoking unless a separate cleaning fee is applied.


Moving Forward and Securing Your Date: 


Terms and Conditions-

Our guests enjoyment and safety is paramount and therefore we ask you to read the following terms and conditions before booking your event. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts entered into between The Tailored Tent and the client unless stated otherwise by the company. Upon payment of the deposit a client is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. Any offer of equipment is subject to stock being available on receipt of a deposit, at the time of booking.


Advanced booking and payment terms

Bookings may be made by phone. At time of booking, full contact details and a deposit are required; the deposit amount will be 50% of total event. As soon as the deposit has been received, we can secure the date for you. 

Cancellations/ Amendments 

In the unforeseen event that something happens and you are unable to continue with your booking, we are happy to offer an alternative date or refund if within 14 days of the event. However, if you have chosen to customize your event, we are unable to return the deposit, as we will have had to pay out of pocket for your request. 

Erection and dismantling

While we love animals, we know that accidents happen so please know that you will be 100% responsible for any damage or soiling of property as a result of a pet. This will be deducted from your deposit.


Smoking is NOT permitted at all. Simply because the smell of smoke holds in the canvas of the tents. If smoking occurs inside the tent, you will be billed the full cost of the specific tent in which you have secured. 



Absolutely NO fires, cooking on open flames, candles, heaters or BBQ's are permitted INSIDE.

Barbecue equipment or open fires outside of the tent are to be placed a minimum of 8 feet from the tent and not left unattended while actively in use. Please be aware of hot embers and wind direction which may result in damage/fire to the tent.

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